Sunday, April 19, 2015

Just life.

Just thought I'd share some recent pictures. :)

It has been a lot of fun, lately, learning more about Owen and seeing his personality develop and shine.  He can be so silly sometimes, but other times is very serious, and focused.  I think this photo, that I took from our back door without letting him know, really captures that serious side.

Just playing.

Coming home from the park.  He was really sad about something, and I could see his face in the rear view mirror, and really wanted to capture it.

Owen's been really into building things lately.  Legos, blocks, couch cushions.  One frustration he faces is that James does not understand the work that goes into these structures, and likes to knock them over.  Owen built this one during James' nap, and then asked me to take a picture of him with it, "in case James wakes up and knocks it over".

Speaking of James, he is turning out to be quite a character.  He's hilarious and adorable and sweet and frustrating.  He loves to bring you the remote and "eh" at you and point to indicate that you should turn something on, even though he only watches for about .2 seconds (which is great).

He's so busy.

And I love his face.
 Also, I don't think I ever wrote on here that Casey matched in a pediatric residency at Penn State Hershey, so we'll be moving out there in about a month (if we find somewhere to live...). So that's bittersweet.  We're really going to miss Columbus, but are excited for this new chapter in life.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Hunt

Here are the pictures of Owen on his Easter basket hunt.  Yesterday, I posted the clues that he found at each location along the way.  Happy Easter!!

We pause for pictures of James engaging in his current favorite activity...and I love it.

 We now resume our scheduled programming (the basket hunt):


Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Traditions

Here are the clues for Owen's Easter basket hunt this year.  I can't believe that my mom would write these for all six of us.  Just one is hard enough for me.  I'll add some basket-hunting pictures tomorrow.

Good morning Owen! Guess who it is?
It’s your favorite friend in the basket biz!
That’s just a joke that’s not very funny.
It is just me, the Easter Bunny.
I brought you a basket of gifts this year,
I thought it would bring you lots of cheer.
Now I just have to think where I put it…
It couldn’t be on the potty, could it?

No, no, no I didn’t leave it here,
If somebody flushed, it might disappear
And what if you woke and needed to go,
With a basket in your way, you never know…
So you see it couldn’t go here,
Check in the place mommy sits to steer.

 Oh no, this place would never do,
What if someone drove off without a clue.
Then you’d never find the basket I left
And someone would be guilty of theft!
So it must be somewhere back inside
Maybe where Halloween treats hide.

This would have been a good spot I guess
But too many treats in one place is a mess.
Oh yes, I brought you lots of treats,
But they’re for the whole family to eat.
But first I suppose you need to find,
Where I have left that basket behind.
I know somewhere I haven’t tried!
The seat of the truck that James likes to ride!

Darn! I thought this would be the place,
But sadly, there just wasn’t space.
There is a basket though, I swear.
And I am a very honest hare.
I guess you’ll have to keep on looking,
Perhaps it’s where you do the cooking.

Congratulations Owen dear!
You’ve found your basket for the year!
Your Nana and Papa helped me a lot.
Call and say thanks for the things that you got.
Some of these things are just for your brother,
Please share with him, your father, and mother.
I am gone now, but have no fear,
Because I’ll be back again next year.