Saturday, December 8, 2012

Owen's Violin

This is actually Casey writing, not Katalyn writing in the 3rd person.
So a while back, we had a special musical number at church and a sister brought in her violin.  Owen was just enchanted watching her play, and still gets excited any time he sees a new musical instrument.
Shortly after that, Owen was home with Katalyn and was saying "Boy, violin... boy, violin?" So, she googled "boy violin" and found this video which they watch together.

It features a 3 year-old boy named Akim who plays the violin.

Since then, Owen frequently asks to watch Akim, and excitedly says, "Akim, Akim!" any time he hears classical music.

Anyway, lately Owen has been using random objects and pretending that they are violins and playing them himself.  So today, I cut him out a cardboard violin and we got this gem.