Sunday, August 21, 2016


Does anyone remember the commercial referenced in this post title?  I thought it was so funny.  Anyway, it's true--we had a baby!  It's a boy!  His name's Daniel and here he is:

10 days old. 

He was born March 8 around 5 a.m.,  9 lbs. 4 oz.

He is so very loved.  

One of the best parts of adding children to our family is seeing the love between siblings.

 I was a little worried about James adjusting to a new baby considering his *ahem* "strong" personality, but have been blown away by his response to Danny.  He loves him fiercely, and is so gentle and sweet with him.

 While Owen has been struggling a little to figure out how to play nicely with James (again with the strong personality), he is so good with Daniel, and is an actual help much of the time.  Whenever Daniel is crying and I can't attend to his needs immediately, I can always count on Owen to be willing to talk and play with him, and that almost always calms Danny down.  It's beautiful.

Owen was holding Daniel a few weeks ago, and insisted I needed to take a video.  I'm glad he does that, because I'm not sure we would have many pictures or videos otherwise.

Our house feels like a crazy house most of the time nowadays, but I'm grateful for my sweet boys.