Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014


(Navy Pier, Chicago) (Casey was taking his Step 2 in Chicago that day)
Owen's face when I tell him to smile really big.

After finding him on the kitchen counter with chocolate smeared on his face at 7 in the morning
Owen: (Quickly climbing off the counter and pointing at the pan of cookies) Is that leftover tookies?  Oh.  I'm sorry for eating them.  It was a ah-ident (accident).  It wasn't on pohpose (purpose).
Owen:  At night we have a bedtime treat, and our morning treat is tookies!

At the side of my bed around 6:30
Owen: Mmmm-I slept in really late, so...
Katalyn: No you actually woke up pretty early.
Owen:  Weeeell, you just need to be fine with that.

With his juice glass almost empty
Owen: Can I have some more juice?
Katalyn: No, if you're still thirsty after your juice you can have water.
Owen: Oh, I know! We can trade glasses! (My glass had significantly more juice)
Katalyn: You finish your juice and then let's talk.
Owen quickly finishes juice
Owen: Let's talk!!
Katalyn: (trades glasses) (I'm such a pushover)
Owen: (hands me his glass) You can get more juice!

Referring to a scrape on his leg
Owen: It's healing!  Jesus didn't heal it, but it is healing.