Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who would have thought...

Somehow I have made it through all of my education up to this point without ever taking a statistics class, but that had to come to an end this semester in order for me to get my degree. The funny part is that I am kind of falling in love with it. It is a really fun way of applying logic through mathematics, and it really surprises me sometimes.
Do you know how many people you would need to have in a group before the odds of at least two of them sharing a birthday (not counting the year of birth) is about 50/50?

Seriously, guess first.

23. Isn't that cool?
Well, that satisfied my sudden urge to tell the world how fun probability can be. Aren't blogs great?

P.S. Sorry that we haven't done anything picture-worthy lately, hopefully we will rectify that soon.
Wahoo! Casey officially received his first medical school interview of the season! Guess where?? Yep, Ohio State. He goes on October 27th, which means we need to buy him a plane ticket and an interview suit. We're very excited!