Friday, May 25, 2012

Attempts at awesomeness

As the mother of a toddler (how did I get to be the mother of a toddler?!) I've realized that my parenting needs to be more...conscious.  Gone are the days when I can be without a plan, because when I am without a plan boredom, and therefore crying, ensues.  I decided on a particularly difficult day that I need to plan at least one fun thing to do each day, preferably something that stimulates Owen and helps him to learn.  While some days are more successful than others, here's one activity I think Owen really enjoyed.

Edible homemade finger paint! Recipe here.  (Next time I won't use glass jars.  Owen really like to pick them up and place them forcefully back down on our tile floors.  Kind of scary.)

The process.  
He didn't quite know what to do at first, but after some demonstrating he really got into it.

The cleanup.
Probably his favorite part.  He really enjoyed sitting in the sink playing with the water.  (Maybe we need a water play day soon.)

The finished product.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sushi Party!

Casey and I had a sushi party a couple weeks ago.  It was great.
We start with some nori on bamboo sushi rolling mats and our fillings.

 Here's Casey, assembling his first roll.

 Katalyn, working on hers.

Our completed  sushi.


While the sushi looked legit, it wasn't the best we'd ever tasted.  I think it was the was strongly...fishy.  Good thing we have lots of sushi rice, so we can try again!  Many of the recipes we used are from this site.  I did make the fruit sushi, that was DELICIOUS.  I used cream and shredded coconut instead of the coconut milk.  Tasty.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hocking Hills

Recently our little family adventured down to Hocking Hills on a Saturday to meet up with Casey's best friend and his family (Jordan, Amber, and Katalyn. They live in Wisconsin).  It was SO much fun.  Hocking hills is a nature/hiking/camping area in southeastern Ohio, and is only a little over an hour away from Columbus.  I would definitely recommend a day trip (or weekend...or week) to anyone living in or near Ohio, it's worth it.