Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adventures in Hair-cutting (and some bread and jam)!

Today was filled with adventures in parenting, the highlight being that Owen decided to cut his own hair.  Here's how it happened:  I'm washing James off from breakfast, in the bathroom.  Casey is doing something...not in the kitchen.  Owen is in the kitchen.  Casey walks into the kitchen and I hear (gradually increasing in volume), "No, NO, NOOO!!!!" I run into the kitchen, thinking something awful is happening, and see Owen holding his scissors, and chunks of hair littering the ground.  Luckily, Casey caught him fairly early in the haircut and he didn't do too much damage.  Casey did still have to cut his hair, and now Owen looks very old, and Casey is mourning the loss of Owen's long locks (Casey really liked Owen's longer hair).  Here's a before (post-Owen haircut) and after (post Casey's cut to fix it):

When I asked him how he was feeling (prior to the haircut he had a somewhat tumultuous time-out), and if he wanted to talk about it, here's what he said (imagine this with many tears and some sobs throughout): "My hair was itching, so I thought I'd cut it...but then I felt mad because Daddy got so mad at me!"

I love hearing what's going on inside my three-year-old's head.  His actions are usually so logical to him, and it's fun to hear his thought processes.

Also, I'm not sure I've mentioned before, but James loves to eat.  Like, everything, and I have never reached a point where he stops eating at a meal.  I always run out of food first.  Anyway, during Owen's haircut I was keeping James corralled, but got a little distracted watching the haircut.  James found Owen's leftover breakfast plate and happily started helping himself, so of course I had to get pictures of that, too:

Happy Saturday from the Pickett family!  It's a crazy house around here!