Saturday, July 31, 2010


Here's a summary of the month of July in our Pickett family:
Let's start with the Fourth of July. Our 4th consisted of good food

Good friends


and of course....FIREWORKS!

There was the wedding of a dear friend and former roommate, resulting in a wonderful roommate reunion

Casey captained an intramural frisbee team which did quite well. Going into the tournament they were ranked 2nd overall. This is my best effort to capture Casey's frisbee talent.

On the 14th Casey turned 24! Woo! The birthday cake I made him was in true Pickett style: chocolate cake with fluffy white icing. (In the future I will not do the decorating with the fluffy white icing!)

Casey also played in the intramural singles tennis tournament and got 2nd in his division. Way to go Casey!

We don't have anymore pictures, but the family came to visit on their way to WA, and that was very fun to have the Pickett family here. And that was our month!